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11:46pm 03/09/2006
free show! 
11:38pm 23/03/2006
09:28pm 05/11/2005
Here's my sob story.
My boyfriend, who I love dearly, is a huge AN fan and has been for a long time.
He had 2 AN hoodies, BOTH were stolen.
For christmas this year, nothing would make me happier than to be able to give him one.
I realize, I'm looking for a needle in a massive fucking haystack but I am willing to pay whatever or trade whatever I have to to get this hoodie.
Size medium or large, any design.
If any of you are willing to part with one, or know someone who is, I would be forever in your debt.
I'm not looking for GUTG, I've been all over ebay, myspace, livejournal, forums.
I'm sorry if this is a pain, but if anyone can help, please do.
11:14pm 23/06/2005
  lights out last weekend ruled.

this things been dead for a while.
10:37pm 13/04/2005
  anyone know of someone/somewhere that would have american nightmare shirts/sweatshirts etc... in small, or youth large. ebay seems to only be carrying large...

03:35pm 08/03/2005
  if you haver any photos from the bane, comeback kid, and with honor tour. post them. i have none yet.  
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febuary gilman shows 
02:23pm 06/02/2005
  Saturday 12 $5
Iron Lung(NV)
Lords Of Light(NV)
Tiger Uppercut

Friday 18 $5
Fucked Up(Canada)
This Is My Fist
Case Of Emergency

Saturday 19 $6
Life Long Tragedy
Go It Alone (Canada)
With Or Without You (L.A.)
Fortunate Son (L.A.)

Friday 25 $6
The Unseen (MA)
Rammalah (MA)
Pistol Grip (L.A.)
Brain Failure (MA)
Second Opinion

Saturday 26 $5
Benefit for Time For Living robbery
All Bets Off
Time For Living
Killing The Dream
Lights Out
03:06pm 12/01/2005
  I just got about 14 more shirts from a friend, which brings the grand total to fifty something. I need to get rid of a few, so here are pictures. Leave a comment or email me at wastedyouthcrew@aol.com if your interested in any. After this, they're going up on ebay. First come, first serve. I should be in Boston on saturday, so if you want to meet me somewhere, it'll save shipping. I'll know how much that is later. Well concealed money, please.

Bite it, you scumCollapse )
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Bane/Champion/Modern life is war 
01:29am 02/01/2005
  How bout the show in Worcester tonight?  
08:35pm 13/12/2004


be sure to get your butt to the gilman this friday and saturday. lights out, the warriors.. what could be better..

07:28pm 07/11/2004
  whats up.  
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11:07pm 06/08/2004
  Demos/cds I'm looking for:

XwitnessX, XfilesX, drugXtest, XfistfightX, our turn, coercion, call the cops, cut the shit, champion, hit the deck, hit the lights, more to pride, lights out, the promise, think i care, deconditioned, blacklisted, worn thin, with or without you, miracle mile, mental, desperate measures, internal affairs, at risk, attitude, break through, count me out, hands tied, have heart.

Let me know if you have any to sell.

Aim: XsoulatzeroX
email: tiedtoxmyneck@yahoo.com
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friday and saturday night 
06:31pm 11/07/2004
mood: nauseated
friday night ruled like no other. comeback kid, champion, skoh, outbreak, and the distance.
comeback kid's set was absolutely crazy. i like them.. yeah i know generic. i dont care really. it was fun.

saturday night sucked. went to the slaughter house because my friends wanted me to go. and stfu is pretty crazy. i dont like them though. the guys i went with got so wasted. one guy would not keep his shirt on i felt terrible, he was so screwed up. some slut with a tri-hawk did my slut guy friend twice. discusting. god i'm never going there again.
the gilman 
12:47am 04/07/2004

alright i just got back from a great show. Drop dead, Lights Out, look back and Laugh, Mental, desperate measures, and righteous jams.

they all were so great. so many people. it's a buzz.

i got Righteous Jam's 7" Boston Straight Edge, and Get down's 7" it's clear orange vinyl. cool.

saw a number of people from the board. but i'd rather not show my face right now.

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10:55pm 02/07/2004

hey hey, it's up and running.